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  Transport accessibility

Powiśle and Żuławy are well communicated with other parts of Poland. The area is located in the south-eastern part of the Pomorskie Province. Its biggest cities are Malbork and Kwidzyn.

If you are travelling by car, it is possible to get here driving along the A1 motorway, over the new bridge on the Wisła river, from the Kopytkowo junction to Kwidzyn, or along the national road no.22 from Tczew to Malbork.

If you are driving from Warszawa, it is convenient to take the national road no.7 and in Ostróda take turn to Iława, following the national road no.16 to Susz.

The national road no.55 is the most important communication regional way from the north to the south. It goes from Grudziądz, via Kwidzyn, Sztum, Malbork to Nowy Dwór Gdański.

In the eastern part of the area there is an important national railway line from Gdańsk to Warszawa. You can change trains in Tczew and in Malbork. Some trains also stop in Prabuty.

Local passenger traffic is handled by rail buses which shuttle between Malbork and Grudziądz stopping in Sztum and Kwidzyn. They can also transport a limited number of bicycles.

The most important railway hub is Malbork. From here you can travel to Gdańsk, Elbląg, Tczew, Grudziądz, Sztum, Prabuty and Kwidzyn.

The bicycle route from Kwidzyn, Sztum and Dzierzgoń overlaps with a fragment of an international bicycle route R1 which is marked with the symbol of a green bicycle. It goes from Bydgoszcz, over the area of Powiśle towards Elbląg.

Along the Wisła river there is a black "Lower Wisła Valley" route. It is planned to build a Wisła Bicycle Route along the river in the future.

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