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  Quests and geocaching

Discover mysteries of Powiśle and Żuławy!


On the basis of a bicycle route network in the area of Powiśle and Żuławy the authors of this guidebook have invited you to seven bicycle trips. The total length is 458 kilometers. Along these trips you can visit over 30 historical churches, some unique, old Mennonite cemeteries, six gothic castles and some ruins, over a dozen of manors and palaces. There are numerous lakes with swimming sites, vantage points which offer panoramic views of Żuławy, the Wisła and the Nogat river. Some hydro-technic monuments are also worth visiting, especially the most interesting sluices of Biała Góra.

There are three special QUESTS for bicyclists with children: in Nowy Staw, Prabuty and Dzierzgoń. These quests lead adventure hunters along unmarked walking routes, and they allow tourists to discover secrets and mysteries of these medieval towns. Each quest is described briefly in leaflets available in these towns.

Each leaflet contains a rhymed story which takes a role of a tourist guide. Following this story tourists get an unusual opportunity to learn about the history and monuments of these towns. The prize for the completed quest is a treasure – a final riddle. To solve this riddle it is necessary to collect all the clues given during the quest walk.

Go for an adventure!


Especially for enthusiasts of geocaching, who are contemporary treasure hunters, there are 30 geocaching boxes hidden along the bicycle routes under the password of “Koło Gotyku.” If you find such boxes you may enter the logbook and obtain some souvenirs. It is interesting to find out why the box in Nowa Wioska is called “It’s Enough to Make a Horse Laugh” and the one in Gardeja is called “Little Prince’s Park.” All the boxes are described on the portal www.opencaching.pl


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